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Prayer Times

Prayer is the second pillar of Islam and every adult Muslim is instructed to perform their prayers. But performing prayers on time is also very important. Many Muslims offer their prayers after the stated time period. They are unaware about the importance of offering Salah (prayers) within their respected times. Delayed prayer is not appreciated at all in Islam unless there are any valid reason.
Allah has created us to worship him. So it is the most important duty for human to show devotion and respect to Allah above all other do’s. Almighty Allah stated that, “I have not created Jinn and Men but for the purpose of worshiping me. I seek not any provision from them nor do I ask that they should feed me.” [The Quran 51.56-58] This Wahi from Allah directly indicate the importance of prayer and nothing can be more important to neglect this. As prayer is the best way to show our gratitude to our creator, it is best to do in the way he instructed. And Allah has always stated the necessity of being on time in our every duty.

Muslim prayers

Prayer on five times a day is compulsory for Muslims. We start and finish our day with prayers and meanwhile there are three other sections of prayer. Every one of these five has a respective time portion of the day (known as Waqt). Leaving everything else behind we should perform our Salah at first. It ensures that we respect the order of our God to the most and obey them.

Setting prayers on five times a day also proves the wisdom of the Almighty who has given the sense of balance. Praying after a definite time period all day long always reminds us who are we and of our creator. So if any Muslim pray timely everyday there are less chance to be distracted by the Satan (devil).


Every time we bow down our head in prayer we accept the thankfulness to our God. Thanks for creating and blessing us. It is our duty to response to his call. Every time we hear the sound of Adhan (call for Salah) we should leave all the worldly works and bow down to him. Every period of definite Salah is instructed by Allah and we should not dare to change or avoid it. Changing or avoiding to any order of Almighty Allah is the act of indignant. Ignorance to the call of prayer demolish the first and foremost pillar of Islam, Iman (kalimah). Allah has mentioned in Quran that, “But if they repent, establish regular prayer and practice regular charity, then they are your brethren faith.” [The Quran 9.11] He also said that, “Keep up prayer, surely prayer is enjoined upon the believers at prescribed times.” [The Quran 4.103]

Prayer on stated time period is greatly rewarded. Our lord and prophet (p.b.u.h.) have mentioned the importance of prayer on times repeatedly. In a Hadith Hz. Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) has said that, “Whoever keeps on performing prayers on its due time, it will be a light, a proof and redemption for him on the day of judgment. Otherwise, he will be assembled with Pharaoh, Quran Haman and Ubai Ibn Khalaf.” [At Ahmad]

Performing Salah in congregation

If we perform our prayers in every instructed time at mosques we meet many other Muslims there. Performing Salah in congregation is much more pleasing to God. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) had narrated that, “The prayer in congregation is twenty seven times superior to the prayer offered by a person alone.” [At Sahih Bukhari] If we perform Salah on congregation there is also the opportunity to build up social relationship. Mosques are the home of Allah and any community builds there is great.
There are some time periods of day when offering Salah is Maqruh (disliked). If we delay in prayers there are more chance to be performed at those prohibited times. Which is very strictly forbidden in Quran and Hadith.


In holy Quran Allah has said, “Guard your (habit of) prayers …. If you fear, pray on foot, on riding.” [The Quran 2.238-9] By this saying he has informed us about the importance of exact time of praying. In whether condition we are, we should perform our Salah at first. But nowadays practice of praying at delayed times are so common. We should be concern more about this and perform our duties as true Muslim.

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