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The holy quran

The holy Quran is the last book send down to earth by Allah and was demounted to the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). The whole Quran was send by the time period of nearly 23 years through Gabriel in different situations. It is believed that Caliph Uthman had written it down after death of Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) and today we have got the whole book.

Guide for Human

The Quran is send as the guide of humankind for any situation of a man life and hereafter. Many Muslims read Quran every day to get the motivation and right way to lead their life. Allah has said, “And this is the book which I have revealed as blessings, so follow it and be righteous, so you may receive mercy.” [The Quran 6.155]

Every person after birth starts to become mature day by day. At that time he learn the difference between right and wrong. In ancient time when the society was not so developed people didn’t know what is right and what is wrong. They used to behave like animals whatever they like. At that moment Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) was sent by Allah to guide people. And the rule-book he used to follow is the holy Quran. Whenever there was something unsystematic Allah has sent Wahi (sayings) through Gabriel to our messenger. Allah has mentioned clearly all the Farz (obvious deeds) and prohibited doings clearly in Quran. There is no scope to get confused about what is right and what is wrong of we read and follow the sayings of Quran.

Answer to all Questions

The Quran is lot more than just the guide of humankind. Every part and problems of man life can be solved and get easier with the verses of Quran. Allah has mentioned the do’s of man in all states and what they should avoid. Whenever in any circumstance we get confused Quran is the best option to look solution for. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) himself used to seek help to Allah and the Almighty helped him through his Wahi. All these valuable sayings are also the best answer for our daily life problems.

Recitation of Quran is rewarded

The Muslims who recite Quran daily will earn great reward. Every word of holy Quran is said and sent by Allah directly. So recitation of Quran is greatly fond of Allah and he has declared glamorous payment for the reciters. Our beloved prophet (pbuh) has said that, “Read the Quran, for verily it will come on the day of standing as an intercessor for its companions.” [Muslim] It means that Quran will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment if we recite it whole-heartedly.

Eloquent Quran

Quran is called the Wahi al-matluww because of not only its meaning but also for its words. The eloquence of Quran cannot be copied or followed by anyone. Every word of it is so sober and gentle that people get peace by reciting it. In difficult situations of human life recitation of Quran can cool down man and give then the strength to face the reality. Allah has mentioned, “Say, ‘if the whole mankind and jinn to gather together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up like each other with help and support.’ ”  [The Quran 17.88]

Eternity of Quran

The miracles of many other prophets has gone as their time passed. But our prophet is the best in terms of eternity as the best sacred book has revealed upon him. The reciters of Quran never get bored of it and always crave for more. The magnificent pronunciation of its verses and peaceful sayings always is a miracle for people. There is nothing similar to Quran and not anything can be made. The alluring miracle of Quran will exist till the doomsday.

Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) has said that, “The best among you is who learns and teaches Quran.” We can easily interpret that there can be nothing more glorious to Allah than the recitation of Quran. Every word of Quran has some lesson of deeds and ethics foe mankind. The excellence of Quran is beyond description to Muslims. The believers and followers of Quran is the best of human.

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