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Prophet Musa

Moses (according to Hebrew Bible) is known as Musa in Islam and is considered a prophet sent by Allah. He was sent to the Pharaoh of Egypt and the Israel for guidance. He was predecessor to Muhammad and shares a lot of similar incidents with him. He is also one of the most known prophets in Islam for his belief and and confidence toward Allah.

Birth of Musa

According to history of Islam, Musa (As.) was born in a family of Israelites living in Egypt. At that time the Bani Israel was not liked by the Egyptians and they made the Israelites their slaves. One day the new king of Egypt saw a dream and asked his high priest the meaning of it. The priest told that a boy would be born in Israelites who would cause the death of Pharaoh. This made Pharaoh very angry and declared to kill all the baby boy would born in Israelites. At that Crucial period Imran and his wife found out the news of having a baby. Imran’s wife stayed at home to keep the news secret until Musa was born.

Adoption in Pharaoh’s family

Musa’s mother put him in a box and put the box in the river of Nile in order to save him from Pharaoh. The box sailed into Pharaoh’s garden and some maids took him to Asia (Pharaoh’s wife).  Asia took the boy and adopted him and named him Musa. The boy was very hungry but was not drinking milk from anyone. Maryam (elder sister of Musa) heard the news and told this to her mother. Her mother came to the palace and took Musa into her arms. Musa stopped crying immediately and drunk milk from her. She was then appointed to look after Musa and thus they reunited.

Escape to Midian

One day when Musa (As.) was in his youth he came across an Egyptian fighting with an Israelite. At a moment he struck the Egyptian and the man was killed. This made Pharaoh angry and he sentenced Musa to death. Hearing this Musa fled to Midian where he met some shepherd families. He started to live there and got married to Safura, daughter of Prophet Shuaib. He lived with them for eight to ten years.

Earning Prophet hood

After a time period Musa left for Egypt again with his family and in the way they stopped near the Hill Tur. There he reached the Valley of Tuwa in search of fire and heard the voice of God for the first time. God ordered him to remove his shoes and informed him that he had selected as Prophet. He was stated about his obligation of prayer and the Day of Judgment. God ordered him to invite Pharaoh in the path of God and to free the Israelites. Musa (As.) reached to the court of Pharaoh and described his prophet hood. Pharaoh had demanded to see the signs of God and his prophet hood. Musa (As.) was shown mercy of Allah and succeeded to prove him in front of the Egyptians.

Exodus of Musa (As.)

The Pharaoh had the fear that people would be convinced by Musa and he did not allow the Israelites to leave Egypt. The God punished the Egyptians in the form of flood, destruction of crops and Famine. But Pharaoh was not convinced and ready to bow. At Allah’s command Musa (As.) left the Egypt with his followers at night but Pharaoh also followed him with his army to stop them. When the Israelites reached to the seafront they stopped and wondered how to cross this. At that moment God commanded Musa to strike the sea with his stick. After striking the sea divided into two parts creating a pathway for them. God commanded the people not to fear of being drowning and pass the sea. The Israelites passed away the sea with the grace of Almighty. When the Egyptians saw this they also tried to pass the sea but the sea closed in on them.

Relation of Tawrah

After reaching Palestine Musa (As.) was commanded by God to leave his people and to reach the Valley of Tuwa. There he observed fast for thirty days and prayed to God for guidance. He prayed God to reveal himself to him and Allah revealed him. But when God revealed himself the hill turned into ashes and Musa (As.) lost consciousness. Returning to his sense Musa (As.) prayed for forgiveness to God. There as the sign of forgiveness Allah revealed Tawrah to Musa (As.) with guidance and commands. Then Musa (As.) returned to his people and guided them according to Tawrah.

Musa (As.) was died in Moab while he was walking with his servant Joshua. He just simply died there without any illness or reason. Musa (As.) is buried at Maqam Ei-Nabi-Musa, Jericho.

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