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Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the founder of Islam. He was the last and final messenger sent to earth by Allah to preach Islam. He spreaded the cleansed and mended form of monotheistic teachings which was also preached by Adam, Ibrahim, Moses and Jesus in past. Muslims consider him as the final prophet from Allah and follow his teachings, practices as an ideal. Allah has declared him as the messenger and advised the mankind to be his follower.

Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The birth name of our beloved prophet was Muhammad (means highly praised) ibn Abdullah. He was born in 20 April, 570 AD (according to Islamic calendar the date was 12 Rabiul Awal). His birth place was Mecca, Arabia (present day- Saudi Arabia). Father of our prophet was Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib and mother was Aminah Bint Wahb. His father was died 6 months before of his birth. In his childhood he was raised by midwife Bibi Halimah up to five years. After death of his mother at age six he was raised by his paternal Grandfather and uncle respectively.

Pre-Islamic Condition of Arab

During birth of Muhammad (PBUH) the political and social condition of Arabia was pathetic and aggressive. Religious differentiation and polytheistic natures were the main causes of this crisipbuh Murder, idol worship, robbery, stealing, all the bad deeds were very common there. But child Muhammad disliked all these and always avoided any bad actionps. He was very truthful that all people called him ‘Al Amin (trustworthy)’. People from all religion and lineages used to deposit their money and ornaments to him and he always kept them safely.

Adulthood & Marriage of Muhammad (PBUH)

At the age of 25 he was employed by Bibi Khadija who was a wealthy widow of ‘Bonu Saad’ cast. She was 15 years elder to our prophet but still proposed him for marriage being impressed by his honesty and truthfulness. They enjoyed a very happy and loving marriage for 24 years. In different situations Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had to marry other women and he always maintained his relation with all sincerity.

Empowerment of Prophethood

From the age of late 30, Muhammad used to visit a cave in Mount Hira regularly and meditate there. He meditated and prayed for solitude and contemplation. In 610 at the age of 40 he earned prophecy when angel Gibreil visited him. Gibreil visited in order of Allah and informed him that, “Proclaim in the name of your Lord who created you. Created man from a clot of blood. Proclaim; your Lord is the most genius, who teaches by the pen, teaches man what he knew not.”  [The Quran 96.1-3]


Soon after becoming a Prophet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) started to preach Islam. He tried to convert people from polytheism, immorality to a monotheistic religion. But the first three years were very critical for him and he had only 40 followers. Soon the Meccan people started to make mockery to him and this turned into open violence within few days. At that time in 622 AD, the prophet got a proposal to go to Yathrib. In Yathrib ther were some followers to him who were in badly need of a leader. The unfollowers of Mecca tried a lot to stop him but at the grace of Almighty Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) successfully reached there. Later Yathrib was named ‘Medinat al-Nabi (the city of prophet)’ and this travel is known as ‘Hijira’ in Islam.

Conquering Mecca

In Medina, Muhammad proved himself as an able leader and established Islam among all the tribes there. After establishment of Islam in Medina he conducted several wars at Mecca. In 624 he earned the first victory and in 630 he permanently was successful to take control at Mecca. He dedicated the Kaaba as the house of Allah and the most sacred place for Muslims.

Farewell Hajj

In 632 Muhammad completed his first true Islamic pilgrimage, known as Hajj. On the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah he delivered his farewell speech at Mount Arafat. In this sermon our prophet advised all his followers not to follow the pre-Islamic custom He cleared all the permissions and prohibitions of Allah. The prophet advised the white not to show superiority over the black, the male followers to be good to women and to abolish all the tribal differentiation.

A few months after his pilgrimage Muhammad fell ill in the house of his wife Aisha in Medina. After suffering of several days with fever, head pain and weakness he died on Monday, 8June 632 at the age of 63. Before death he had spoken his last words, “O Allah, to Ar-rafiq Al-Ala (exalted friend, highest friend or the uppermost, highest friend in Heaven)”.  [Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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