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Prophet Isa

Isa (As.) was the prophet and messenger of Allah. He was born in 7-2 BC in Bethlehem. Maryam, mother of Isa was a pious woman who devoted his life for the worship of Allah. Isa (As.) was the virginal conception of Maryam as the reward of her devotion. Isa (As.) is mentioned as ‘pure boy’ (without sin) in Quran and Hadith. Abu Hurairah quoted, “Hardly a single descendant of Adam is born without Satan touching him at the moment of his birth. A baby who is touched like that gives a cry. The only exceptions are Maryam and her son.”

Birth of Isa (As.)

One day an angel come to Maryam and gave him the news of having a baby. Maryam was astonished as she had no contact with any man. The angel replied that, ‘This work is easy for you God. It is appointed as a sign and indication of His mercy.’ When Maryam became pregnant many people started talking negative about this and Maryam went away to a far place. There she gave birth to baby Isa under a dry date palm in the desert. Then she returned to the place where she used to live. There when people started to chide her Isa (As.) spoke through the power of God. He said, “I am God’s servant. He has given me the book and has appointed me to be a prophet.” This made the realization to the people that this child was sent by God without a father.

Before the birth of Isa (As.) the economic and political condition of Palestine was miserable. They were being ruled by the romans. They were continuously fighting for their independence and rights. This caused the loss of people’s faith from religion and God. At that moment the only need was of a righteous leader who could show them the Right way. Isa (As.) took birth there to lead them and bring them back to the path of Allah.

Obtaining Prophet hood

Isa (As.) was one of the most well-known prophets with most patience and highest status. He earned prophet hood at the age of thirty from Allah and started to preach his messages. He was so famous for performing some miracles with the grace of Almighty Allah. He cured people from illness and blindness by just keeping his honorable hand over them. Once he supplicated to Allah to bring a dead man back to life and the man became alive. Another story of his miracle is mentioned in Quran that, once Isa (As.) and his followers went to place where was no food. The people asked him to pray for food to Allah which would come down from sky. Isa (As.) prayed that and angels brought food down to earth in a piece of material. Hundreds of people eat from there but nothing had diminished. These miracles made stronger their belief to Allah and Isa (As.) as his prophet.

Revelation of Injil

The Injil, the heavenly book from Allah had revealed to Isa (As.). The main lesson of this book was monotheism. Allah is alone and he has no partner, that was the learning Isa (As.) was appointed to preach. In Injil there was prohibition to compare anything to Allah, prohibition to commit usurious sin, prohibition to Haram foods. He leaded the Jews people according to the lessons of Injil.

Lifting of Isa (As.)

The preaching of monotheism of Isa (As.) made the Jews leader angry. As days were being passed Isa (As.) gained more followers and the opposition of the leaders were increasing. At a moment they decided to do away with Isa (As.). The Jews plotted to kill him through crucifixion. They misguided the Roman governor saying that Isa was plotting against Roman Empire. Isa (As.) was sentenced to death for this crime and a man was sent to bring him. But the almighty Allah did not permit the Jews to kill Isa and took him up in the sky through the ceiling of his house. Instead of Isa (As.) the Jewish people took a look alike of him and crucified him. But Isa (As.) was safe in the Heaven by the grace of Allah, the Exalted.

Reappearance of Isa (As.)

According to Muslim’s belief it is said that Isa (As.) will be sent to earth again before Qiyamat (the destruction of earth before resurrection). Abu Hurairah narrated, “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The hour will not be established until the son of Mary descends amongst you as a just ruler, he will break the cross and abolish the Jizya tax’ ”.  [At Al-Bukhari]



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