The Shahada means the testimony or Kalimah according to Islam and is the first pillar of Islam. The belief that Allah is our only Lord and Muhammad (SAW) is our prophet is referred as Shahada. This belief is the first pillar of Islam and turns a person into Muslim. The declaration that a Muslim reads in Arabic and believes is “La ilaha illallah muhammadun rasulu llah”. This means that, there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Kalimah Shahada is the best recitation of praise of Allah.

The Shahada has two parts. First part is, “La ilaha illallah” which testifies that there is no God with Allah. He is one and only and has no companion. The second part is “muhammadun rasulu llah”, reciting which we admit that Hz. Muhammad (SAW) is Allah’s messenger. The first part of Shahada which declares oneness of Allah has mentioned approximately 30 times in Quran. Anyone can easily realise the importance of this belief. Any distraction from this faith turns Muslims into Kaffir (disbeliever). Kaffir is the most disliked person to Allah.

Whereas the first part indicates a universal truth, the second part of Shahada is generic to Muslims. The monotheistic nature and believe in Allah’s messenger is obligatory to be a true Muslim. In the Quran  believe in prophecy of Muhammad and his whole life, teachings and lessons are mentioned many times. Allah said in Quran, “Muhammad (SAW) is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the last of the Prophets. And Allah is ever all aware of everything.”  [The Quran 33.40]

Importance of Shahada

Every Muslim child starts his religious worship through the recitation of Shahada. This attracts them to the path of Allah and encourages for the Farz worships. When a Muslim recite the Shahada knowing its meaning he can no longer be a kaffir. Recitation and belief in Shahada is both a ritual and worship for Muslims. When any person wants to convert in Muslim recitation of Shahada in front of a witness is the first formal step to do. After recitation he turns into Islam and then he reads more it as a form of worship. Our Lord Allah said, “And obey Allah and the messenger (Muhammad (SAW)).”  [The Quran 5.92]

Shahada is recited more or less in every form of worship. In the call for prayers, before starting of prayers, during Tashahud the Shahada is read. We also read this kalimah in ‘Dhikr’ (recitation many times repeatedly), after prayer in early morning and late evening. It is whispered in the ear of newborn baby to declare him as a Muslim just after birth. The key to Al-Jannah is also Shahada as in the grave first question will be about this kalimah. In the Hadith of the Messenger (SAW), he said “…and the best (supplication) I and the other prophets who were sent before me proclaimed was; There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah, He is alone and has no partner. To him belongs the ownership (of everything) and all praise.”  [At Trimidhi]

Recitation of Shahada

The recitation and enchanting of Shahada has great rewards.  Pronunciation of Shahada before death has the reward ‘Jannah’. It wipes out our sins and protects us from the fire of Hell. Pronouncer of it is accepted by Allah and causes Muslims to be forgiven. All the eight doors of heaven will be open for the believer and pronouncer of this Kalimah. Muslims can stay away from the misleading of Satan if they perform ‘Dhikr’ of Shahada. It will protect us in the day of Judgment from all darkness and punishments.

The enchanting of Shahada is done in different religious occasions to please Allah. This is the best declaration of Allah’s almightiness and oneness. Our beloved Prophet has said, “The best remembrance of Allah is to say, La ilaha illallah”.  [At Trimidhi]

It is a unit form of worship men can do in any situation. It requires no preparations to enchant Shahada except of being clean and purified. And this enchanting will protect us from all kinds of misguidance and darkness.

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